Module 3: Love and Family
Aşk ve Aile
Module Developer: Esra Alagöz
Educative Projects:
1. Cross-cultural analysis of family
2. Study identity formation
3. From dating to marriage


Main Videos

Film 1: Babam ve Oğlum

Film 2: Kına Gecesi (4'23'') Small video Large video

Film 3: Öğrencilerle Söyleşi (3'27'') Small video Large video

Additional Media Materials

Film 1: Just Married (4'09'') Small video Large video

Film 2: Family Values (6'08'') Small video Large video

Film 3: Akcan Couple (5'26'') Small video Large video

PPT 1: Hints about the movie context: The Coup

PPT 2: Henna night PowerPoint


Video 1: Passive Verbs Small Large

Video 2: Abilitative Small Large

Video 3: Modals

Video 4: Conditionals Small Large

MUSIC:"Benim Babam" A song by Fatih Kısaparmak

Excerpt taken from 'Mozaik' Program (Bölüm 5:Elazığ)
Used with permission of Flash TV